For staff, pack and customer security reasons, only authorized personal is allowed inside the park.
You must provide the food in individual ziplock bags with your dog’s name on it.
If your dog’s stay with us is over 3 days, for sanitary purposes, a mandatory bath will be added to the bill and a full grooming will be added every 10 consecutive days.
Due to weight details, only dogs under 40lbs can be placed in medium cages. Large cages are available for those dogs that exceed out 40lbs limit.
For safety reasons pawrents are not allowed inside the grooming area
We are not supportive of the buying/selling dog industry. We only encourage adoption.
We are closed to the public on Sundays. Pickups are Mon-Sat between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Yes! Visits are Mon-Fri between 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. A maximum of 2 visitors per guest are allowed for a maximum of 10 minutes.
Dogs will stay in individual cages and will only share with if a shared booking is scheduled with family members only.
You got 2 options: 1. Give us a call notifying your delay and pay a late pickup fee ($10 every 15 mins after 6:00 pm) or 2. Leave your dog at the hotel and do the pickup the next day between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm paying the respective boarding fee.
Yes, as long as you let us know in advance and leave the person’s full name. The person picking up has to provide us with a picture ID card.
Yes! For an extra “special service” fee per day
Of course! Dogs with medications are very common and we have a “special service” fee that applies to those who need special care.
Yes! Kids are always welcome. Since we’re handling quite large dogs that we cannot assure are always friendly, we always suggest the parents to explain to the kids that dogs can get stressed out with loud noises, sudden movements and some strangers; which is why we ask for them to always ask before petting any dog of any size/breed.
Our grooming area cannot be seen from the front area. Since we handle a great amount of different dogs, strangers are a source of stress for them that causes trouble for the groomers at the time of getting the services done. The best is for the pawrents and dogs to not see each other.
Although we would love to share with all of you individually, the limited time we have as staff of Dog House Miami keeps us from reaching out to each one of our clients individually. Our Instagram/Facebook platforms are always active on the activities we have at DHM.
We sadly don’t have a mobile grooming service. Grooming walk-ins are welcome Mon-Sat 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Since our business is all about having our pack together at the park during the day, we don’t accept aggressive dogs.
We always do a personality test and depending on your dog’s temperament and behavior with the rest of the pack, we’d decide if your dog’s fit to go inside the park for an extra “not-neutered male dog” fee.
Male dogs that are not neutered constantly pee due to their instinct of marking territory. This gives out staff 2x the work of a neutered male. Also, humping is very difficult to control and can cause trouble with the rest of the pack.
Due to the high level of hormones in females during heat, males get a bit too excited and causes the entire pack to break the calmness. For this reason, we don’t accept females during heat season.

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